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Boxercise class

Fancy punching something first thing on a Saturday morning?

We are running a beginners boxercise meetup on Saturday mornings, aimed at both males and females who want to start their weekend off with a bang,  and kiss goodbye to their weekly stress with a combination of exercises aimed at burning fat, toning up and having great craic, at a time of day which still allows you to enjoy the rest of your day.

We will perform many common boxing exercises, such as skipping, fast moving bodyweight exercises and various punching techniques, using pads and gloves, all equipment provided. Just to clarify, this is non-contact so you are perfectly safe, we only punch pads.

Avoid the worry of winter weight gain by taking action, this is perfect to help get you in shape and maintain it. The exercises target muscle groups all over the body and when combined make up a great fat-burning, muscle-toning workout, suitable for all levels of fitness.

The price is only €5 per class, pay as you go, so there are no sneaky contracts. Don’t forget to tell your friends!