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lady lifting weights

Our programmes involve lots of resistance training mixed with cardio but so many women shy away from resistance training.

Cardiovascular exercise on treadmills burns more calories than lifting weights if the intensity is correct, so is it a waste of time to add strength and resistance training to your workout? The simple answer is no.

Working your muscles as well as your heart and lungs can improve your health and help you drop a clothes size faster. Maybe until now you feel more comfortable using the cardio machines, as many women are wary of using weights for fear of “bulking up” and that is one of the biggest myths in fitness. They think that they are instantaneously going to build up a lot of muscle, but that’s simply won’t happen.

Testosterone is the main reason why you won’t bulk up, this is a major ingredient required in the building of muscle and women have about one tenth of the level that men have. Female muscles develop differently for that reason.

So don’t be afraid of resistance training and lifting some weights. Add it into your routines if you attend a gym, you will burn more fat and tone up even faster. And you just don’t get those results from cardio exercises alone.