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losing weight

During training sessions I have heard many stories and excuses when it comes to losing weight, but possibly the most irritating excuse is “It’s my genes and my DNA, my whole family are big”… so I think it’s time we cleared that matter up, and it’s time to stop blaming our genes as though it’s something outside our control.

Firstly no matter what your genetic structure, if you exercise enough and monitor your eating properly you will burn off fat and be healthy. You are not outside of the laws of Physics so this law applies to absolutely everyone. Creating a calorie deficit is crucial where your body has no option but to use the fuel stored in it (fat) instead of relying on what you are feeding it.

Yes there are people who can eat sugar all day long and who still maintain a very low body fat ratio, and similarly there are those who are programmed to store lots of body fat, everyone is different, but to blame your genes is just an excuse and basically not facing up to the reality that it is your lifestyle choices that have lead to the excess weight. Or to put it simply, regularly taking in more calories than you are burning.

One of the most overlooked points about lifestyle is to try and keep your insulin levels low, as it is a lot harder for the body to use fat as a fuel in a high insulin environment, eating sugary foods will increase your insulin levels so although we all know that cakes/treats are not a good idea, it’s important to realise that it’s not just about the actual calories in that food source, it’s about it’s affect on your insulin levels. And guess what, most people still eat breakfast cereals first thing in the morning which will raise insulin levels, trying opting for some fruit instead and avoid the boxes of processed rubbish, that is one simple change anyone can make.

Whilst portion sizes are a big problem, also watch your carbohydrate intake, just because a food is low in sugar or fat doesn’t give you a green light to eat loads of it, unless you live an active lifestyle you should keep your carbohydrate content low, as unused carbohydrates will be converted and stored as fat. So this applies to your rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc. Get used to keeping those to a minimum. If you find a large portion size hard to give up then fill your plate out with vegetables instead (except potatoes) and try to lower the overall portion size over time, even using a smaller plate can be a good psychological advantage, where you still see a plate filled with food so you assume that’s enough food to satisfy you.

But don’t blame genetics, blame bad lifestyle choices, if that applies to you then accept it, deal with it, and get off your bum and do something about it.

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