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bingo wings

One of the questions I get asked most at the bootcamp is how to get rid of “bingo wings”, that stubborn area of fat that can gather under the upper arm, most common in females.

To understand what is the best course of action its important to understand what we are dealing with, and to dispel a few myths. Firstly you cannot target an area of fat, but you can target the layer of muscle under that fat. We do not get to choose where our bodies store fat, that is entirely down to your particular genetics, some people carry it on the hips and others on the belly etc. Similarly therefore we do not get to choose where the fat comes off.

Also another common myth is that the body converts fat to muscle, well that’s just not true, you burn off the fat using existing muscle and that toned muscle will eventually start to show as the fat layer wears off.

So with that information in mind when it comes to getting rid of bingo wings your best plan of action is to start using your legs more, that might sound a little crazy but think about it, your legs are your largest muscle group, therefore that’s the largest fat burning engine at your disposal.

So get into high intensity exercises using your legs such as hill sprints, high intensity cycling, burpees, anything that gets you very out of breath but also makes your legs feel tired too. If you just can’t stomach that kind of intensity you can use strength exercises such as squats, lunges, and focus on exercises that use many muscle groups. If cardio is your thing it will take you longer to achieve results but it’s better than sitting on your backside, so you could try jogging, cycling, etc.

But the exercise I would advise to be the best is hill sprints. The calorie burn from performing hill sprints is massive, as you engage so many muscles at once, and at a high intensity. You can start off your session by jogging up the hill several times as a warm-up exercise. When you are ready to start aim for 10 seconds in each sprint, then walk back to the base of the hill and wait until you get your breath back and then repeat, in total for about 30-40 mins. If uphill is just too much try it on a flat area. Also hill sprints create an EPOC effect (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption) so you will be still burning fat for many hours after you finish this session, one of the main reasons this is the ultimate fat burner, in my opinion.

Of course if you want toned arms you will also need to involve some resistance training on those muscles, your triceps, biceps and deltoids mainly. So you should get into performing tricep dips and bicep curls, lateral and forward raises etc, aim for 10 reps at a weight where you feel it’s really a struggle by the time you reach your 10th rep. You don’t even need a gym, you could do your tricep dips using your bed, and your bicep curls using a small brick or large bottle of water etc, get creative if you can’t afford the equipment, there is no excuse.

Here are a few videos to help you get started:

It’s the combination of burning off the fat layer using the whole body, combined with toning the muscle underneath, that will get rid of your bingo wings. Also you should remember to maintain a healthy diet, that is equally as important as the actual exercise if you are serious about making it happen.

Alan Currie