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I thought I would write a blog piece about one of the most dangerous things I have witnessed in recent years, in the hope it may save a life or at least prevent a few injuries.

In recent years there has been a huge surge in cycling and also the fashion of headphones which fit totally over the ears, blocking out background noise and enclosing you in your own little world of sound, which is great in the office or in the right kind of environment, however I see a trend for people now using them when cycling. These type of headphones are designed to insulate you from hearing the outside world.

It shouldnt take much explanation to realise just how dangerous that is, in my travels each day I cycle across the city centre of Dublin, Ireland, and have witnessed many crashes, some of them very serious… where that outcome could have been completely avoided if the rider hadn’t been wearing over-ear headphones. Doesn’t that seem nuts, completely avoidable.

Sure we all love music but when on a bike it should be more important to you to hear what is around you, there are half ton pieces of metal whizzing around you remember… so don’t be nuts, there is little comfort lying in the road in a mess knowing you were in the right at a busy junction, but you just didn’t hear that car that broke the lights etc.

The roads are just too dangerous to have our home comforts on a bicycle, especially if you live in a city. You are worth more than your favourite playlist.

Please do share my rant with any cyclists you know, you just might make them think about it and save a life, ok rant over.

Stay safe 🙂

Alan Currie