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sugar craving ice cream

Whatever your reason for attending our bootcamps, you will make significant fitness gains by addressing your diet, it is even more important than the training. One of the main reasons for not managing a good diet is down to food cravings, and in particular, sugar. When we eat sugar it raises our insulin levels and then the body is less efficient at using fat as a fuel, so avoiding sugar is paramount, and we are surrounded with it in today’s world.

We all get sugar cravings, so whether you’re a fan of ice-cream, biscuits, cake, crisps (insert temptation of choice), the first thing you should do is stop and have a long think about these three points:

1 Are you actually hungry, and honestly needing calories?
2 Are you eating because you are bored or lonely?
3 Are you eating because you are feeling emotional, anxious or upset about something?

Before you fulfill that craving make sure you’ve thought about those three points. If you’re really hungry that’s fine, go eat, but choose nourishing food sources. Be honest about your perceived hunger instead of convincing yourself you’re hungry.

If you’re bored or lonely then go visit a friend or call someone, learn to replace the craving with something that addresses the real problem at hand.

If you’re emotional, upset or stressed then go and train and release some endorphins. Get outside for a brisk half hour walk or jog, sometimes that can be enough to clear your mind and diminish your craving. Or if indoors is your only option, try things like the “7 minute workout” app which is free to download and repeat it a few times.

You see, a lot of bad food choices are down to emotional eating but by thinking about the reasons why you feel a craving you can learn to distract yourself with the right response, get to the source instead of dealing with the symptoms.

And once you’ve shown yourself you can think it through and be honest with yourself, you will feel stronger the next time you are faced with a craving.

So give it a try, you can do it.

Alan Currie