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Bootcamp dublin fitness bathroom scales


Every January we read how everyone is trying to lose weight, but think about it, weight is just a number, it does not give any indication of what that weight consists of, what sort of tissue is it, which is why as a number it is pretty meaningless.

A person who weighs 14 Stones with 40% body fat is going to look a lot different than someone who is 14 Stones with 15% body fat. That first person is going to look obese, while the other is going to have great muscle definition.

So “losing weight” for the sake of it is blind unless you can tell what sort of weight you are losing, for many people who jump onto the latest fad diet it will result in water loss, which will be gained again once the body takes in water again, a pointless exercise in the longterm and probably giving a bad user experience so they are more likely to give up in future. The human body consists of about 60% water and this amount will change a lot during your day’s activities, so your weight will change too, I have witnessed myself losing up to 5lbs in a day’s cycling, mostly water loss, and mostly gained again when I refuel.

So what you need to focus on is your body composition, the percentages of muscle and fat, the more muscle you have the higher your ability to burn fat, as even to maintain muscle tissue you will be burning fat, which is why at Bootcamp-Dublin we focus on strength training mixed with high intensity bursts in our outdoor fitness programmes.


A common misconception is that being a light weight means healthy, wrong! You can still weigh little and be carrying a large body fat percentage, with very low amounts of muscle. This would suggest someone with no quality exercise in their life, low food consumption, therefore possibly low amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So remember to obtain a healthy body you should have a balance of quality exercise and healthy food sources, think about your real goal, your health.


Quite often people will attend the gym and train hard and notice that their weight is staying similar, and feel demotivated. But think about it, muscle weighs more than fat, if you are following a proper training programme you are probably burning off the fat and gaining muscle tone simultaneously, your shape is changing and your clothes could be starting to feel loose on you, yet your weight stays similar. Also when you weigh yourself it is no barmometer to the amount of the positive side effects you have placed on your body by training, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and triglycerides, and your overall mood.

So always remember your bathroom scales have no reflection on body mass or body composition, as they can kill your motivation if you don’t see the numbers you hoped for.

If you would like further info on this feel free to come along to any of our bootcamps or boxercise sessions, and have a chat with any of our instructors.