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All over the internet you will read about sugar being the big bad enemy when trying to get fit. However most people are only thinking about the calorie content of the sugar instead of another big reason, how it affects your insulin levels.

Insulin is a hormone, which is released into the body by the pancreas. It has a very important role: food is broken down into nutrients (proteins break down into amino acids; dietary fats into fatty acids; and carbohydrates into glucose), which make their way into the bloodstream. These nutrients must then be moved from the blood into muscle and fat cells either for use or to be stored, and that’s where insulin helps to move the nutrients into cells by “telling” the cells to open up and absorb them.

When you eat high sugar foods, your pancreas releases insulin to cope with the sudden change in blood sugar levels, and when your body is in a high insulin environment, it is essentially in storage mode. Insulin levels drop as the nutrients are absorbed into cells. When the nutrients are totally absorbed, the insulin levels are balanced.

So remember your insulin sensitivity if you want better results, start keeping your blood sugars balanced, to put it simple remember that an insulin spike causes your body to go into storage mode. Therefore you’ll find it a lot harder to burn fat, choose your food sources wisely.

Sugar is not all about the calories, it’s also about the effects of it on your organs.